World’s finest lingerie
UI, Web, Concept


For over 130 years, HANRO has crafted the world's finest lingerie, nightwear, and loungewear. Decades of tradition combined with technical innovations and contemporary design are what make HANRO such a distinctive brand. For their new online experience, I designed a modern website concept that fits their brand.

CSS Awards awarded the outcome as a site of the day.

Hanro's new start page

My role

I had ownership of the whole project. Therefore I was responsible for:
  • Communication with the client and define the goals and expectations 
  • Research of the latest web design trends in the fashion industry 
  • Concept and design 
  • Collaboration with engineers and assist them with the animations (CSS) 

Bad product communication

For Hanro's new online experience, I designed a modern website concept that fits their brand. The current online experience was not even close to communicating the critical values of the brand to the user. Where the products were well-thought trough, elegant, and always up to date with the newest technical innovations, all of this was missing when it came to how they presented their product online.
Brand and product values should reflect the user on all mediums.

.... by playing a mood video on hover

Highlight the product

I wanted to create a solution that highlights the product and underlines the picture language of Hanro. I achieved that by working with big images and videos and keeping the interface as simple and quiet as possible.

At the same time, the website should give the user the feeling of being on the site of a high-quality product. Therefore it was important that everything felt in place, and the user experience is as smooth as possible.

Also, I wanted to be up to date with the technical possibilities. I created a concept that also guarantees a flawless experience on mobile devices.

Product detail page navigation


The biggest challenge was to work with the restrictions of the CMS that they were using to manage the content themselves.

Product overview page

We knew nothing

When I think about what I have learned from that project now, three years later, I have to say: we knew nothing back then.

I designed everything on my vague assumptions, not knowing much about the user. You can't even call this case study a UX case study - it's just a showcase of UI skills.

Product overview page

Now you may ask yourself why I'm showing it. To be honest: I still enjoyed this project. I enjoyed not have to challenge every one of my thoughts, and I enjoyed doing what I like (well and the client, of course). I enjoyed pushing the UI to it's the best outcome without being limited by too many UX aspects. Is a burger menu good UX? At this point, it helped me get rid of all the links that are distracting from the product itself - this was good enough for me.

It looked good and felt right to me, I could get things done straight and that is what I enjoyed. I would not recommend this process to any client, but the little devil inside of me is still a fan of this project.