Raw User Experience fixes and exploration
UX, Personal, Concept


RAW is a personal project that I brought to life this year. Together with friends that work in my field, I decided to create a place where we can visualize and showcase raw user experience ideas for different websites, platforms, and apps.

I named it RAW to emphasize that the ideas are not based on hard research or data—instead, everything comes from our experiences, gut feelings, and user empathy.

My role

RAW began as my idea for a shared digital workspace. Currently I am responsible for designing the project and developing the website where we will display our work.


I believe most designers that work for the same company on a long-term basis are familiar with the feeling of creative tunnel vision. Confronted with the same company guidelines and restrictions on a daily basis, it becomes difficult to create solutions outside the box.

In addition you have to challenge your solution assumptions on a daily basis and invent things while always have to keep a lot of the relating data in the back of your mind.

This leads to the fact that they is not much space left for pure creativity.

Get out

The goal of this project is to get out of this box of restrictions, expand our viewport and just listen to our gut feeling, while still working on real products.


This side project helped us to keep a fresh and creative mind. Also our daily work benefits from it, because we are still able to think outside of the box and come up with solutions that otherwise might have been missed.